I’m Not Dead! I Feel Fine! I Feel Happy!!

Wow…so this is my first little ol’ blog post in…almost 4 months. I guess I just stopped caring at a certain point..but now as I sit at my computer at almost four in the morning, I decided I’ll write a blog entry. I’m offically calling myself a certified night owl/insomniac. This is due to the fact that I don’t attempt to go to sleep until 4 or later in the morning anymore… I know, not very healthy. I must say overall, that this semester has been a fun one living with 4 other people, and not hundreds in the dorms.

Anyway, the real reason I come here is to 1) deal with boredom and 2) share a dream that I had the other night. I’m just gonna jump right into it, just to get back into the swing of things.

The dream starts off with me for some reason being outside of what looks to be my apartment during the night. I’m walking up to the door and hear my one roommate Drew talking to one of his friends that he has over. His friend wants to play some sort of game on my Nintendo Wii console. At this, I’m kinda pissed off and am about to barge through the door to tell him otherwise. For some reason I don’t, I take notice to the big metal trash can that is outside our door with our garbage in it. Upon opening the lid, I see that my Nintendo Wii controller is sitting in the pile of garbage. This enrages me even more. I can hear them start to head over to the door to come and get the controller. I decide that I’m going to spite them and take the controller and run and hide so they can’t play anything on MY console.

I successfully grab the controller and run around the back of the apartment and run around to the next set of apartments. I’m now in some sort of weird housing area that kind of looks like my apartment complex setup, but in a way it doesn’t.  I then come across what is really my apartment. It turns out that now that I was thinking about it, I wasn’t in front of my apartment before when I took the controller out of the garbage can, but over by a neighbors house. It dawns on me that I have just stolen our neighbors Wii controller, but that doesn’t prevent me from not giving it back to them.

I then see our neighbor Rachel coming towards me. The apartment complex then turns into this weird type of hotel setup. Where each “apartment” is a separate room in the hall of the hotel. Rachel gets close to me and says “We need to get out of this place! I don’t feel very comfortable in here.”

Not wanting to see her get upset, I figure what the hell and we begin to search for a way out. Now somewhere during our calm little search, we end up being followed by somebody, so weird trying to get rid of this “tail” we had picked up. Even though we never actually see him, we know he’s gaining on us and we need to move! Rachel and I are going through all sorts of rooms and halls, until I remember that there is a secret passage way in the kitchen. How I remember this, I don’t know since I’ve never been in this “hotel” before.

We get to the kitchen and I’m talking with one of the employee’s asking where the secret passage is. She is hesitant to tell us, but eventually caves in and shows us where it is. It was disguised as some sort of drain. This means we’ll have to get pretty wet to ensure our escape. We work our way down this drain, climbing down the ladder that is installed in it, and come out to a long narrow, empty room. I then hear the clank of the employee closing the passageway back up. I can tell this has bought us some time, but not much.

I go to one end of the room where there are a few loose boards covering a doorway. Through the boards I can see backup quarter-back for the Cleveland Browns, Brady Quinn, standing in front of the boards, playing catch with a football off the wall. I bust my way through the wood and Rachel and I make our way past a now confused Brady Quinn.

We find ourselves out in the hotel parking lot and come across a running Black pickup truck. I decide that we’re going to take that to try and escape. I know that it is a crime, but in my mind now, our safety from this unseen man is more important. We’re being chased through this old rural town by a white mustang. I know that he’s gaining on us and try doing some maneuvers to get us out of harms way. My luck however seems to be running out. Rachel is starting to scream when she notices the car is right next to us as we are heading over a bridge. I try to put my foot down to the floor to gain speed and get away, but it’s foolish to outrun what our pursuer is driving.

He’s keeping up with me and we’re neck and neck down this bridge. Rachel begins to cry and I’m getting frustrated because I can’t save her. The man that has been chasing us, turns his car into ours, forcing our car to go up and over the edge of the bridge. Our truck heads down towards the greenish water. It plunges hood first into the water and begins to fill up with water. Rachel is panicking, and I’m trying to kick out the window or open the door or anything to lead us to safety. The cab of the truck is almost full of water and the only thing I can do is let out an almost silent “I’m sorry,” as the cab is fully filled with water.  This is when I wake up.

All in all…it went from a *semi* believable beginning to this weird, over the top end. Interesting to say the least. What do you think?


~ by prudz on December 4, 2007.

One Response to “I’m Not Dead! I Feel Fine! I Feel Happy!!”

  1. what in the fuck ? is wrong with your mind..

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