The Smaller Joys of the Grocery Store

As I have mentioned in several past articles I work at a local grocery store by my home. Most of the time my job gives me more frustration that it does joy. But every once in a while, a sparkling gem comes through all the monotonous bullshit, a gem that makes me smile.

Being I work with registers all day long, I come across various numerical totals for people’s grocery orders. While working behind the customer service desk the other night, I had a customer approach the desk to purchase a small order. I normally frown upon doing these types of things because the desk is not meant to be a full fledged register to take orders, that’s what the whole line of 12 registers out front are for. I sigh, tell him that I’m not really supposed to, but tell him I would take his order anyway.

The contents of the order aren’t of much importance; hand soap, butter, milk, and some snack bars or something. I total up the order to find it an uninteresting $15.37. Before I can read him the total, he hands me two cupons. I scan them, look up at the total and smile.

There looking at me was a total of $13.37. I looked up to the older gentleman and said,

“Your total is leet.”

I knew he wouldn’t understand and his look of confusion confirmed my guess. I then repeated myself, but this time in non-geek language,

“Thirteen thirty-seven is your total,” to which he paid and left. If our registers weren’t such a piece of shit, I would have printed up a copy of the receipt to post up here for you.

But that was pretty much it, my inner geek came out of me for something I don’t usually see. It definitely broke up the boring-ness of my day.



~ by prudz on January 14, 2008.

One Response to “The Smaller Joys of the Grocery Store”

  1. To match that geekiness, I still possess – if memory serves – the receipt from a shop where I had purchased three editions (one for me, two more for friends) of Pokémon Leaf Green, upon which the printing timestamp reads 13:37. 🙂

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