Beware the Child-Men…

Hey there everyone! While surfing through the vastness of the intraweb, I come across many silly, interesting, and fun things. While using my trusty Stumbleupon Toolbar I’ve come across an interesting read. It comes in the form of a blog response to a Editorial from NPR’s (National Public Radio’s) Kay Hymowitz. To sum it up briefly, she states that younger men in today’s society, ranging from 18-34, are becoming too involved with video games. She points that this is why we are seeing younger adult males not wanting to become a full fledged member of society, but we’d rather waste our time on what she calls “childish activities.”

In the article I happened to stumble upon, the writer, Shawn, posts his thoughts on the subject. He brings up some really good counter points that had me nodding my head in agreement the whole time. He views that video games are a way for men to avoid the pressures of a society that want to see you grow up, marry a woman, and produce children, all before you reach your mid-twenties. It’s honestly better if you actually read both articles to get a better understanding of what the central ideas are here instead of me trying to summarize them.

Kay Hymowitz’s Editorial can be found here.

The blog response by Shawn can be found here.

After taking a glance through both of these articles, what is your point of view on the situation that is being debated?



~ by prudz on February 2, 2008.

One Response to “Beware the Child-Men…”

  1. like everything else in this world, anything is bad without moderation. ideally, I’d like to play at least 4 hours of games a week, but my schedule won’t allow that right now. it’s relaxing, it’s safe, and it can be very social.

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