Symphony of Destruction

Hello there readers! Today I come to you with distant visions of the future!!!! Ok, well maybe not, but I do have some interesting pictures that I’ve found. Some come from the imagination of artists and others come from the special “Life After People,” on the History Channel. There were quite a few that I could have chosen from but I’m going to post five of the picture’s I found the most interesting. Click the pictures to make them bigger!

Golden Gate


damage NYC

NYC water


For those of you that can’t tell what the images are, I will briefly describe them and why I chose them.

1. Golden Gate Bridge – This is what the bridge would look like after many years without people maintaining it. The iron/steel supports would eventually give way, causing the whole thing to collapse. I chose it because it is a memorable icon for it’s orange color. Seeing it devoid of it’s beauty was quite surreal.

2. Eiffel Tower – Once again, this is what the damage would look like without constant maintenance. It’s just stunning to see icons all over the world in a way we would never otherwise think of them.

3. New York City – This one is just visually stunning. To think that a mega city like New York would subcome to the elements (maybe not in that way) to leave a city looking like that. It just makes you think.

4. Statue of Liberty – Underwater. Easy to comprehend. I found this picture intriguing because it reminds me of structures that we see underwater today, like lost civilizations or ships and planes. Scary to think it could happen again.

5. Big Ben, London – The decay of one of London’s main landmarks puts my mind in a state of awe. Could this really happen if people weren’t around?

There you have it. Some of the pictures I find interesting and intriguing nonetheless. What are your thoughts?



~ by prudz on February 26, 2008.

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