Two Completely Different, Yet Interesting Sites

Hey there everyone, it’s Prudz coming back to you with another post. Sorry I haven’t updated this blog in a while, it’s just that my life has been consumed with classes, work, and of course Smash Brothers: Brawl. While stumbling though the internet I happened to come across two little gems of “articles.”

The first comes from the listings on the PS3 Forums. The poster of this particular thread has found a insanely detailed account of the whole Metal Gear Solid franchise as a whole (up until the games out so far, not including MGS4). I enjoyed playing a lot of these games but found myself scratching my head in utter confusion when it came to the actual story. (You guys that play through MGS2:SOL and see that ending FMV for the first time know exactly what I’m talking about). The article is a little long, took me about 20 minutes to read, but it’s given me a good in depth view of the games as a whole.

If video games aren’t really your cup of tea, then I still have something  you may enjoy!

The second site I bring unto you today is simple entitled: “Dear Bulk Mailer.” What the author of the site has done is taken a paid reply envelope from junk mail, such as credit card applications or magazine subscription ads, and sends them useless junk (for example a brick). The idea is that the item gets sent out (the heavier the better) and the company that is sending the junk mail gets to foot the pre-paid shipping charge. The idea is that the money given by the companies goes directly to the post office, which in turn  “signifigantly increases USPS income generation, which allows the government to employ more people. ” Check out the site for more details on how you should carry this out and to see what some other items other people have sent.

Hope I’ve kept you entertained.



~ by prudz on March 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Two Completely Different, Yet Interesting Sites”

  1. i remember reading about that bulk mailer guy somewhere in my interweb travels. funny stuffs. i’ve yet to grasp what’s so good about metal gear solid. i just never got into it i suppose.

  2. yeah, it’s kinda a “you have to play it to get into it” type of series. you need to play most of the games from when they were first released, if you just play MGS 2 just because it’s easier to get a hold of for ps2, you won’t understand the story as much

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