(Really) Short Film: Speed Hump

Hey there everyone, hope your morning/day/evening/night (I think I covered most of the time frames) is going well. I’ve come to you today in this post to promote a small short film my cousin has done for his Junior Narrative class this semester at Penn State University. Sameer is an aspiring film and english major at said university and this is his first film that he’s sharing with the world. It is entitled “Speed Hump,” and his instructions were a bit limiting. This short needed an egg and two characters in it. Also no onscreen dialogue or musical score was allowed. The sound is a bit low, but he plans on re-editing this work, to give it better quality. Take the three minutes out of your life and watch this short today!

“Speed Hump” can be found through this link on his blog.

If you are interested in what else Sameer might have to offer, you should check out his posts on http://theubergeeks.net where him and two other acquaintances of his offer blog type entries on a wide variety of subjects. There are posts on wide arrays of subjects such as movie reviews, information about new products, and general findings about items in today’s society. It’s really informative and definitely worth checking out.



~ by prudz on April 16, 2008.

One Response to “(Really) Short Film: Speed Hump”

  1. thanks for the plug, but I’m a far cry from spielberg… for now anyway.

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