Small Update

Hey there everyone! It’s prudz here checking up on how everything is doing. I haven’t gotten to post any more entries as of late because I’ve been too busy/lazy to do it. My classes are done for the semester and I’m officially in summer time mode (which is mostly me just working more than usual). I’ve just recently picked up two new games for my Nintendo Wii: Obscure: The Aftermath and Wii Fit.

Apparently Obscure is a sequel to a game that came out for the Xbox a few years back. It is a survival horror game with crappy dialog and a not so clear storyline as of yet. I picked it up because it is a multiplayer survival horror game that reminds me of resident evil 4. Also, in similar contrast with Resident Evil 4, the price tag is the same, 29.99. I’m just hoping that it has it’s good moments and will be fun to play with its fair share of “scare the shit out of you” moments. Another added bonus is that the music is done by the Boston String Quartet and the lyrics are sung by the Paris Opera Children’s Choir…definitely makes room for some eerie settings while playing alone in a darkened room.

I also just picked up Wii Fit. It is my goal to use this game to get me on track to start losing some weight. So I’ll be tracking my weight and maybe post some updates of how good (or bad) I’m doing in the following weeks.

So I just wanted to keep in touch with the readers, to let you know that I am still around, just too busy/lazy to update this as much as I would like. With that said I’m going to go crash due to lack of sleep from going to the midnight premier of Indiana Jones 4, soreness from playing Wii Fit yesterday, and work at 7 in the morning today. I may just provide a movie review on Indy when my mind is thinking clearly in a future post.

Until then,



~ by prudz on May 22, 2008.

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