A Clock for the Procrastinator in All of Us.

I am a procrastinator, there’s no doubt about it. Whether it be doing chores around the house, doing projects or papers for classes, or my biggest problem, waking up/going to work. I have tried the trick of setting my alarm clock around 10-15 minutes fast in fear that I will wake up and notice that I am running late. I must say, this tactic had worked for about the first week or two I have done it. But after those first few weeks, I find myself getting used to the idea of my clock being fast and I account for it now when I wake up and need to be somewhere.

I find that when I take this “fast time span” into account I end up being later than I normally am. It’s a miracle that I still have my job because I stroll into work at least 10-15 minutes late each day. It seems like it’s a vicious circle that has no end in sight….or is there? While stumbling through the great world wide web, I’ve come across the Procrastinator’s Clock. This my friend is the worst enemy of the procrastinator. With it’s tactics, it channels the fear and anxiety in all of us.

With this simple little program opened in your browser, it displays a digital clock with the time on it. But of course, this time is not going to be the correct time. This clock can run UP TO 15 minutes fast. The catch is, that it’s not always going to be running that 15 minutes fast. This program will speed up and slow down, ensuring that the time will run fast, but it puts your mind in doubt as to how fast it really is running. This clock will never run slow so as long as your computer is set with the correct time, it will do it’s thing to try and throw you off pace, second guessing yourself.

All you procrastinators out there give it a try, tell me what you think.

Once again you can find that link here.


~ by prudz on June 17, 2008.

One Response to “A Clock for the Procrastinator in All of Us.”

  1. Ouch. I set my own clocks fast for the initial shock value when I wake up. This just doesn’t seem practical enough. My actual clock is in the top right so it’s easy to see, plus this really only works if you’re at the computer. Cool idea though.

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