Losing Faith in Television

Hey there everyone, Prudz here today to talk about my lack of affection with most television broadcasting on the air today. I’ve found myself watching less and less television over the past few months. My watching has dwindled down not due to lack of time to put into it, just a lack of interesting shows or networks to really get behind anymore. I occasionally watch the “Big Three Networks” (read ABC, NBC, and CBS some also include FOX) for some of their primetime shows, which is basically just limited to House M.D. I can always fall back to my trusty Cartoon Network later at night for their [adult swim] programming with adult orientated cartoons and anime. I’ll even venture to watch Food Network for one or two shows and G4tv for their shows like Cops, Ninja Warrior, and Unbeatable Banzuke.

When I’m not just fed up altogether with television programming and watching movies, I find myself tuning in to the channels known more for their documentaries and “educational” (i use that term kinda loosely) programming. As of recently these channels have become my lifeline: History Channel, History International Channel, Discovery Channel, Discovery Times Channel (now Investigation Discovery), National Geographic Channel, and the Science Channel.

Most of these networks have shows that are largely interesting and are on such a broad range of topics that it can hold my interest for hours and hours on end. It brings to my attention some subjects or events that I would never really have cared about otherwise. Most of these programs aired are generally well done and provide both sides of arguments and information, which lets you form your own opinion on the subject matters raised.

Maybe it’s because I’m becoming more of a nerd, or maybe it’s because I just can’t find quality programming on most networks anymore. Whatever the reason I’m turning to these networks as a saving grace to what seems like a bunch of crap that has been on television lately.

If you are interested in documentaries as much as I am now, here are a few links to where I go to watch free documentaries online

Surf The Channel: Documentaries

Best Online Documentaries

Free Documentaries


There you have it. Enjoy and Happy Watching!!



~ by prudz on June 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Losing Faith in Television”

  1. I have to be in a documentary mood to be able to watch one. They only come along every once in a while.

  2. tv has been getting worse and worse over the years. but if you are into adult swim, you would love Adam de la Pena’s (the Code Monkey’s creator) new web series, On the Bubble. It’s pretty funny. http://vimeo.com/onthebubble

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