Handicap Isn’t Quite the Word to Describe It

For a while now I’ve seen something that has…over time began to frustrate me more and more. It might not be something huge or universally significant to some of you, but I’ve been seeing it more frequently over the past few years. What is my beef you ask? Prudz’s beef: being overweight is not a handicap!

What I’m specifically talking about is what I’ve noticed while either out in a shopping environment or while on the job in the grocery store that I work at. Overweight people have been increasingly asking for the keys to the handicapped “mart carts” at our store. What a mart cart is is it’s an electronic shopping cart of sorts that is meant for people with a handicap: such as tendinitis, a broken leg, paralysis, and so on. I’m sorry, I don’t find it all to believable for you to say that you “have a hard time walking around.” It may be hard for you since you have more body weight on you, but that dosen’t mean you can’t physically walk without being in pain like other people do. The only reason that I may believe you need a cart is for having some sort of thyroid/gland problem…but even that is stretching it a bit much.

Sure, it may be a bit more difficult to tie shoes, walk up several flights of stairs, or run for long distances; but I don’t think that people should be needing to use specialized  handicapped carts  in place of walking. Now make no mistake, I’m not hating on overweight people at all because I weigh in at a lean 268 lbs.  I mean the only way I run is to catch up with the ice cream truck. All you can eat for me is more of a challenge than a statement…. okay…. maybe those last two statements weren’t entirely true, but you catch my drift. (Seriously I love ice cream.) To me, what it really seems to be is that it’s just a case of someone being too lazy to walk through a grocery store for the amount of time that they will be in there. I guarantee you that none of these individuals have actual handicapped parking stickers/plates/rear-view mirror signs in their car. Why? Because it’s not a handicap. If agencies are starting to give out handicap plates to people because they are a bit overweight, then I have lost faith in humanity.

America has a definite food problem in our society. Everything is biggie or jumbo sized. It’s true that we love our fatty products. I mean just look at the “new” burger from Burger King: The Loaded Steakhouse burger. This whopping burger contains a massive 100 percent Angus beef patty piled high with two slices of melted American cheese, copious amounts of bacon, A-1 steak sauce, fried onions and — alert the night nurse — creamy mashed potatoes. It’s sure to cut at least a few months off of any persons live after they finish one.

What it boils down to is moderation and adding any type of physical activity into one’s schedule. America’s new motto seems to be “bigger is better,” but that clearly doesn’t seem to be helping people’s health here in the States. So think twice before you start to open that third double cheeseburger you got from the dollar menu at McDonald’s because it was “only a buck.” If you choose to eat yourself into bigger and bigger clothes, don’t try to use your weight as a handicap.

Rant session over.



~ by prudz on August 21, 2008.

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