Winning Bets and 202 Facts about Games

Hey there everybody, I’m just writing to keep you informed of my little bet that I had mentioned in a previous post. In case some of you (most of you) forgot, the bet was with my mother and she put up a PS3 saying I couldn’t lose 20 pounds in an unspecified amount of time. Well I’m glad to announce that I’ve officially lost 21 pounds according to my last weigh in. So hopefully I’ll be getting the PS3 within the next two weeks. I am still going to be continuing this diet and exercising, because my ultimate goal is to drop two pant sizes and be back to what I was in early high school, a size 36…which I guess isn’t asking for a lot. So if anyone is around the area and wants to go to any type of gym or do any type of workout routine let me know, cause I’m trying to find different things to do exercise wise during the winter months. Treadmills can become tedious when that’s all that you’re limited to.

Also, I wanted to share two articles I found that held some interesting facts about video games. I was bored while browsing the web (no surprise there) and came across two pages of “101 Game facts.” So if you’re bored like I was, or think it sounds interesting follow the said links:

101 Game Facts That Will Rock Your World

101 Things You Didn’t Know About Games

There you are, enjoy!!


~ by prudz on November 15, 2008.

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