Grocery Sarangeti

Hey there everyone! My first post back in a while, and I’ve decided to share a little writing that I did for my advanced English class. Right now, we are studying Walt Whitman and our assignment as a reaction to his writings was to come up with a poem of our own imitation Whitman’s style. It could be serious like many of his poems or it could be an exaggeration of what his poetry is like. I chose to go with the later of the choices, exaggerate it as much as I could, about a somewhat silly topic. So for your viewing pleasure I give you my Whitman Imitation entitled “Grocery Sarangeti.”

There stood I with widened eyes,
full of wonder and amazement, for nothing of this nature,
had surely come, in with such great amusement and clarity, to my
wandering eyes.

Row upon row, aisle upon aisle, stack upon stack,
lined up in front of the wary soul for it to see. It seems, through great surprise and bewilderment,
that I have stumbled upon what appears to be a library of food,
shelves and shelves of specified products standing side by side,
arranged like foods together.

Fruits and vegetables mixed in with the nuts, coming straight from the earth,
a variety of meats– chicken, cow, lamb, pig– all taken and displayed,
for our hungry minds to indulge upon. Milk aligned with the cheese, yogurt, eggs–
in such a form that is pleasing to the sights and sounds of everybody. My mind begs,
begs to understand why such a huge and grandeur place is needed to store boggling amounts.
I see the doritos, of all different flavors, bountiful to the tounge, arranged in a row,
I see the pepsi, bottles and boxes and cans, shimmering in the artificial light,
I see the tide, bright red–as if sending us a warning from an unforseen plight,
I see the bounty, roll after roll after roll of light paper to prevent the very messes,
the messes that we tend to create.
My mind, then wanders to and fro, from the present to the past and to the future–
question upon question arises in my delicate mind, each with importance and begging the question of our very existence.

How many people, two hours hence, or many many hours henceforth,
will come into this modern food supply station and gather what they need.
Long has the time of man come where, through the rivers and over thick tracks of forest,
would go off and kill his own meal for the night, now every man and every woman,
setting foot into this place seems to be like an ant, an ant in a colony, not even realizing
realizing their own agony. Wandering around– picking up products that they were told to buy,
from the television, the radio, and the internet.

I long for the time where people will go back to their simplistic, yet barbaric, way of gathering, but alas, I know that there will be none of that in my lifetime– so I bring up a few points for not only the people here and now, but the people that will be here two hours hence, or many many hours henceforth:
Eat On! Grab all of the delicious foods that you like and endulge on your desires!
Drink On! Quench your thirst by grabbing a different variety of waters, sodas, and juices!
Smell On! Go over by the fresh deli and bakery and admire the sinfully sweet smelling goods!
Gaze On! Watch all of these things with anticipation and a sense of hope!
Pay On! You’re not limited to just paying with cash: checks and credit cards are available too!

Just hope that in your buying extravaganza that you will be able to afford all the products of your desire, and that you will not eat yourself into a tired state of being.

What’d you guys think?

~Prudz out.


~ by prudz on January 21, 2009.

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