Happenings That I Feel Compelled to Talk About

Hey there everyone, Happy 14th day of February!

See I’m not a huge fan of this so called holiday… mainly for two reasons 1) it is over commercialization (is that even a word?) to get guys to buy presents for the ladies in their life and 2) if you happen to not have some “significant other” in your life… well then it’s an all around shitty holiday. It mostly builds up on pointing out the fact that you don’t have someone to share this “special day” with.

Fuck that. Thank you media and society for pointing out that yet again for another year I don’t have any sort of girlfriend or relationship. Fuck my life. I know that I still have a full life ahead of me yet, but sometimes I get paranoid that I won’t ever find somebody… you know.. alone “forever.” It’s sad when you can’t even find someone that may be slightly interested in you. Scary thought. Wow, it’s amazing what I’ll write down on a blog that seems kind of personal. Oh well.

Anyway… in other “news” (hardly anything over interesting) I’ve gotten my first tattoo. It’s of the Breaking Ben symbol… or if/when they end up breaking up, it’ll just be a celtic knot. I got my buddy Morris to do it for me. It’s not completely finished, just needs some more shading and background color.. but that was put on hold since his tattooing gun decided to die after he finished the main logo. Oh well.. as long as it wasn’t halfway through the logo itself. So hopefully I’ll be getting it fully finished next week sometime. I’ll end up posting pictures of it when it’s fully finished.

So far this weekend hasn’t really been a social weekend so to say. I’ve spent most of my weekend at work and at the time of writing this, I’ll be spending another 8 & 1/2 hours there tomorrow, giving me a total of 25 & 1/2 hours for the three days of the weekend. I guess I can’t complain too much since it’s my only source of money while I’m still in college.

Alright… now that I’ve gotten all the things that have been kinda bothering me off my chest. I guess I’ll head off to sleep… work at 7am doesn’t really come too slowly. It races up to you and smacks you in the face yelling “WAKE THE HELL UP. TIME TO GO TO THAT HELLHOLE AGAIN!”

“And I’m lookin in the mirror all the time… wondering what she don’t see in me… I’ve been funny, I’ve been cool with the lines… ain’t that the way loves supposted to be?”



~ by prudz on February 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Happenings That I Feel Compelled to Talk About”

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  2. Perhaps try a little tenderness, you’ve got alot of great smoothed roughness, and women like that. you need a woman, one special one, so go to sleep with a prayer to see the ONE in your mind’s eye and then magnetize yourself to become her attractor. This is more important than anything else you will ever do. Your progeny are counting on you to do the right thing NOW!

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