Winning Bets and 202 Facts about Games

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Hey there everybody, I’m just writing to keep you informed of my little bet that I had mentioned in a previous post. In case some of you (most of you) forgot, the bet was with my mother and she put up a PS3 saying I couldn’t lose 20 pounds in an unspecified amount of time. Well I’m glad to announce that I’ve officially lost 21 pounds according to my last weigh in. So hopefully I’ll be getting the PS3 within the next two weeks. I am still going to be continuing this diet and exercising, because my ultimate goal is to drop two pant sizes and be back to what I was in early high school, a size 36…which I guess isn’t asking for a lot. So if anyone is around the area and wants to go to any type of gym or do any type of workout routine let me know, cause I’m trying to find different things to do exercise wise during the winter months. Treadmills can become tedious when that’s all that you’re limited to.

Also, I wanted to share two articles I found that held some interesting facts about video games. I was bored while browsing the web (no surprise there) and came across two pages of “101 Game facts.” So if you’re bored like I was, or think it sounds interesting follow the said links:

101 Game Facts That Will Rock Your World

101 Things You Didn’t Know About Games

There you are, enjoy!!


David Hasselhoff for…. Command & Conquer 3?

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Alright, something very awesomely bad coming your way. It seems that David Hasselhoff is “endorsing” the upcoming Command and Conquer 3. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself (before they take it down or something) on their official website. There are 4 videos and a fun little phrase soundboard of the Hoff. It’s truly bizarre to watch these, as Dave seems to throw his pride out there and makes fun of himself a little. Check it out.

“Kids Who Don’t Play Video Games Are At Risk”

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Ok, so I’ve stumbled upon one of the more interesting video clips that I’ve seen in a while. I saw this page while randomly browsing around my gaming news website Kotaku. I came across an article with the same title and my entry title and gave it a look. I noticed that this post was put on the site in early April, but the subject matter isn’t time relevant. I’m just going to post the video and let you take a look for yourself.

Follow the link Here.

I knew nothing of this study and I think I will venture out and try to find/read this book. Thoughts?

Holy Ghost Cemetery

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Hello everybody! Halloween is only a couple days away at this point and I figured what better time to post about my trip (for a school project) to a cemetery than around Halloween time!! Ok, so maybe it isn’t really too exciting, but it was pretty fun nonetheless. We chose to go to Holy Ghost Cemetery in Jessup, PA. It is a Russian Orthodox church’s (Holy Ghost Church, duh) cemetery and was built in 1899. Father Theodore Ladomersky was named pastor of the church in 1903 and only stayed for nine months before he was transferred to Ohio. Two more pastors followed after him a Rev. Emil Artimovitch and a Rev. Michael Lingyel in 1904 and 1907 respectively. Things didn’t work out for these two pastors and in 1908 Father Ladomersky returned to become the pastor of this church again until 1914. There weren’t a lot of prominent names to be found in this cemetery, just a former mayor of Jessup, a Mr. John Mancak. Other than that there were a few World War I and II veterans buried there. Without further ado, here are the pictures! Click the Picture to enter the gallery!

A Breath of Life

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Hey there everybody! Once again it seems like I’m going to be raising this blog from the dead. I’ve just been too busy to collect my thoughts and write on here due to the start of the fall semester a few weeks ago. (Few meaning like 6 weeks :-p ) I do have a few posts in mind and will definitely be coming at you with a “game” my friend and I have been “playing” for the past week, so definitely keep an eye out for that! Other than that, I can’t say too much has been going on in my life. I guess the only other interesting thing going on at the moment is I’m currently in a bet with my mom.

She has decided that I have become a bit overweight and wants to change this. I believe that I could probably lose a few pounds, but lack the motivation to really do anything about it. So one day when I arrive home from work I’m greeted with the proposal/bet from my mom. She blurts out of nowhere, “Do you want a Playstation 3?”  Seeing that she normally wouldn’t just offer something like this out of the blue I follow this little game by asking, “What’s the catch?” She responds, “If you lose at least twenty pounds (in no set time frame) I’ll get you a Playstation 3.”

Did my ears hear right? I’m to get a Playstaion 3 without putting a cent towards it, just by losing some weight. I know it seems like something drastic…me being bribed into losing some weight, but hell for something like that, I’d be willing to lose 50 pounds 😀 So at this point when I’m writing this entry, I’ve lost 7 pounds in a matter of two weeks, mostly by drinking quite a bit of water, cutting out eating anything after 11pm, and beginning to exercise more often. Here is my motivation, and this playstation will be mine, along with some added health benefits. (I already have begun to notice my pants are getting looser on me.)

I’ll try to keep you posted with that and other things! Well, time to head downstairs and get some treadmill exercise in.


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